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Grant success for Tom Keaney

Congratulations to Tom Keaney for receiving a grant from the Jasper Loftus Hills memorial fund. Well done!

Therésa, Marty, Ashton and Annie on ABC iView

Therésa, Marty, Ashton and Annie are featured in a new documentary, “How Scientist’s Work” which is available to watch ABC iView to watch. Tune in to hear about their research!

Grant success for Nik Willmott

Nik has received an Ecological Society of Australia Student Research Award to support his research. Great work, Nik!

An award for Tom Keaney

Tom has been received Australian Evolution Society (AES) Student Research Award for his outstanding research. The AES Student Research Award is given to recognise a significant research publication in evolutionary biology from a graduate student. As part of his award, Tom has been invited to present his research at the 2020 virtual AES conference.

Native Australian Animals Trust awarded to Nik Willmott

Success for Nik in his application for funding from the Native Australian Animals Trust. Congratulations!

Grant success for Nik Willmott in 2019

Congratulations to Nik for receiving two grants in 2019. He was successful in receiving funding from the Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment and from the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria Environment Fund.

A Jasper Loftus-Hills award for Ashton Dickerson

Ashton has been awarded a Jasper Loftus-Hills award which will allow her to purchase solar panel lights. This funding will allow her to expand her previously correlational focused research by providing the equipment she needs to conduct an experiment. She will use this experiment to test hypotheses she has developed throughout her research.

The Stearns graduate research award for Tom Keaney

Congratulations to Tom for receiving The Stearns graduate research award. This is an annual award chosen by the ESEB & the Journal of Evolutionary Biology (JEB) editorial team for the best paper by a graduate student published in the journal for the year. Tom received this award for his paper “Mother’s curse and indirect genetic effects: do males matter to mitochondrial genome evolution?” (

Success for Ashton Dickerson

Well done to Ashton for receiving her third round of funding from Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment. This funding will cover the last of her genetic analyses examining whether extra-pair paternity exists in willie wagtails. Well done!

Grant success for Marty Lockett

Marty’s project exploring the effects of artificial light on trophic chains in Eucalyptus woodlands has now received funding from three separate organisations: Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment (funding the field experimental set up and laboratory processing); Ecological Society of Australia Student Research Award (covering costs of transportation to field sites and sampling equipment) and Field Naturalists Club of Victoria Environment Fund (purchase of Audiomoth bioacoustic recorders). Congrats Marty and massive thanks to three wonderful organisations supporting original research in Australia!