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Posts tagged ‘science’

New grant for Liz Milla

Congratulations to Liz Milla for receiving a Australian Lepidoptera Research Endowment grant!

A big year for Gareth Hopkins

In 2016 Gareth received a travel grant from the International Society for Behavioral Ecology to present research on the effects of artificial light at night on cricket mating behaviour at the ISBE meetings in Exeter. He was also awarded a travel grant from the Ian Potter Foundation to present at ISBE 2016, meet with colleagues in the UK and the Netherlands, and conduct field work in the Netherlands on the effect of artificial light at night on ground-level invertebrate communities at the LON site. On top of this Gareth received a Robert Johanson and Anne Swann Award for Australian Faunal Research from the School of BioSciences to continue his research on amphibian adaptation to saline environments (the subject of his PhD), specifically examining the adaptability of an invasive frog in South Australia.

Grants for Joanna Durrant in 2016

In March Jo received a grant from the Robert Johanson and Anne Swann Fund to present at the 2016 Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) conference in Romania and meet with researchers in Berlin. She also received another Holsworth grant to further investigate the biological impacts of artificial light at night in crickets.

New grant for Annie Aulsebrook – June 2016

Annie was awarded a Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment to investigate how artificial light at night affects the circadian rhythms of black swans.

New grant and award for Liz Milla – June 2015

Liz has been awarded a Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment to explore the evolutionary ecology of the Australian Heliozelidae (Adeloidea; Lepidoptera), and she has also recieved a SASB Travel award.

Success for Yasaman

In 2015 Yasaman was awarded both a Drummond Travel Award and a grant from the Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment.

Best student prize for Liz Milla

Liz was awarded the best student prize at the 2015 Society of Australian Systematic Biologists (SASB) conference in Fremantle.